Designed specifically for the needs of funding and grants making organisation

Grant Management Challenge

The process of managing grants can be complex and often need transparency and verifiable accountability from a range of stakeholders. This post a challenge to establish common processes and best practices in evaluating and tracking the effectiveness of a grant scheme.

Activants' Agile Grant End-to-End Solution

Designed specifically for organisation such as government agencies and institutions etc. Our solution provides tracking of pre and post-award information that manage a significant number of proposals, grants or research projects. Activants agile grant supports the complete lifecycle of the grant management process, from application to close-out, which covered complete contact management, process and activity management, grant management, and project management.

1 %
Reduced the risk of grant funding being squandered on initiatives that fail to deliver acceptable impact.
1 %
Shorten Grant Cycle time. This allow an organization to spend more time delivering on its mission.
1 %
Gain insight into grant activities across every stage of the grant lifecycle.

Activants Agile Grant Management Enables you to

Streamlined Grant

Speed up the grant cycle with optimized processes to streamline operational and strategic communications.

Better Governance Control

Full transparency and accountability of grants allocation. This reduces or eliminates the risk of fraud, poor decision making and misuse of grants.

Analytics Dashboard Insight

Reporting Dashboard Analytic provide you an enterprise-wide view of all grant activities across every stage of the grant life cycle.

User Access

Define user access right for specific functions of the system using permissions. These can be set up by user, by role and by grant programme.

Performance Management and Tracking

Managing project variation in term of amount, duration, milestone/KPIs, aggregating them with KPIs of the grant programme.

Costs and

Record claims for payment in conjunction with the project costs, including submission, tracking, approvals and payments.

Easy to
Smart Forms

Online forms are customizable with various question types and sections. This is easy built into processes and database.

Centralized Portal for Collaboration

Centralized Point of collaboration within internal and external users. This involves the applicant, project manager, reviewers, internal staff and outsource vendors.

Flexible Workflow

Define and customise workflow based on the grant schemes and to reflect best practices to match your existing program workflow.

Document Management

An electronic filing feature allows you to store and manage all proposals, submissions and applications along with attachments.

Budget Management and ERP Integration

The entire financial pipeline of a programme can be controlled. Organize and connect financial data from your ERP/GL against your grant budget with data integration services.

SLA Management

SLA Management gives you better visibility and ensure high availability of mission critical business applications. This help user to focus on functionality that is core to your business.

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