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Insurers face an intensely competitive environment with increasingly demanding customers who have little patience for complex, inflexible or paper-based processes. Many insurance organizations struggle with core systems that don’t allow the speed and flexibility necessary to adjust to fast-changing market conditions and accommodate customer expectations for mobile capabilities, self-service options and proactive communications.

To compete, you must automate to onboard applicants faster, reduce insurance claims processing timelines, and keep costs in check—all while keeping customers engaged and informed. Empower customers and brokers/agents to interact with you on their timeframe; capture and send documents with a mobile device; track claims status anytime; and customize company communications preferences online. You will build loyalty by offering customers the control, functionality and visibility they expect—all while enjoying faster processing through connected systems, fewer errors and greater efficiencies in your business.

Insurance Claims Process

  • Captures claim-related data from any source or format and transforms it into process-ready information.
  • Automated workflows and tasks allow you to introduce a level of auto-adjudication to your claims process.
  • Provides status updates and alerts to claimants for a higher degree of communication and responsiveness.
  • Maintain audit trails to support your compliance efforts.

Activants Insurance Claims end-to-end solution enables you to


Enable customers to apply for a policy or file a claim via the channel of their choice, including mobile


Speed policy applications and claim initiation via mobile capture and real-time data extraction and verification


Eliminate manual tasks and increase accuracy and efficiency with automatic data entry from captured photos or documents


Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, and free knowledge workers for value-add tasks


Facilitate collaboration among underwriters and agents via shared access to policyholder data throughout the case lifecycle


Optimize business processes to meet Service Level Agreements via electronic gathering of accurate underwriting statistics and reduce risk


Eliminate the physical movement of paper and its costs, delays, errors and frustations with an omnichannel workflow


Quickly and accurately authenticate data, eliminate errors, create an audit trail and strengthen regulatory compliance processes

Activants Insurance Claims End-to-End Solution


Document Capture

Mobile Capture




Capture and
Verify e-Signature

Handwritten, photo,
click to sign


Claims Analytics
and Payment

Integration with


Customers and agents alike want an easy sign-up process in the channels of their choice and clear status updates without multiple requests for data. Without an end-to-end digital client process, your insurance organization faces a threefold disadvantage: Rising costs due to operational inefficiencies, customer dissatisfaction resulting from lengthy, cumbersome processes and risk of regulatory noncompliance fines.

Simplify and streamline your application processes with an automated insurance claims process solution that offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service and multichannel capture of process-ready images and documents. Combined with the broad capabilities of fraud detection, identity verification, analytics, e-signature and customer communications management, you can quickly check applications, monitor processes and make changes to optimize the experience. The result? Not only will your organization benefit from decreased operating and compliance expenses, but engaged customers and producers will become brand advocates who increase revenue through recommendations, cross-sells and upsells.

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