Online Grant Management System

Activants Solution Description:

IMDA OGMS is an online grant management system that is tailored to meet the needs of media industry in Singapore. It has encompassed the holistic suite of grant management framework for the end-to-end workflows of application, assessment, approval, awarding and acceptance of grant processing as well as the financial transactions and settlements of funding to successful fundees.

There are currently more than 10 grants available online for companies and individuals to apply for. The system consists of comprehensive SLA management that tracks application processing time, project execution milestones and fund disbursement for each project. Each application is treated as a case to accommodate easy access and fast retrieval of consolidated information pertaining the application or project. Complex business rules, validations and computations based on company’s financial standing and project capital are used to determine the financial support level for each project undertaking.

System allows measurement of projected enterprise productivity growth over the years based on the enterprise value added (VA) figures and the number of workers involved. 13 reports made up of adhoc and predefined reports are included as part of the system. The reports measure the committed funds per sector against the budgeted fund allocation, and the accounts payable vs accounts receivables. System administration with 20 distinct roles from applicant, operation team, finance team to Chief Executive Office. The system allows for sequential and parallel automated routing with relevant notifications and escalations.

To future proof the system, Activants designs the system to allow new grants to be deployed with ease and with minimal time to market.

"The Challenges that IMDA is having are the following:

How Activants help:

IMDA OGMS has changed the way their staff performing their day to day duties in a more controlled processes and activities with better views of tasks and responsibility which in the end has grown more productivity and efficiencies in meeting their corporate goals. All information regarding grant applications are centralized and kept digitally in the case management, which has increased the accessibility of information.

Visibility of process and data is enhanced through adhoc and pre-defined reports. Communications, notifications and reminders are essential to provide transparency to their processes. The effectiveness and rich features of KTA workflow engine have allowed their staff and management in monitoring processes, SLA and KPI with flexible routing as and when required. Future grants can be added into the system.

Benefits of the System:

With the implementation of the solution:

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