SME Talent Programme (STP) System

Case Background:

Enterprise Singapore (SPRING Singapore) is a statutory board of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), aims to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises for a vibrant Singapore economy. Its focus is to nurture a pro-business environment that encourages enterprise formation and growth as well as to help enhance the productivity, innovation and capabilities of enterprises.

Enterprise Singapore Human Capital Division works closely with industry partners and companies to develop human capital initiatives in the area of leadership development, talent attraction and management. Among the suite of programmes, SME Talent Programme (STP) is a newly developed talent initiative which objective is to enable good SME employers to attract and recruit polytechnic and ITE students or graduates early with the provision of study awards, sign-on bonus and a structured first year training programme. STP is driven by the partnership with Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) who are appointed as programme administrators. The TACs receive and review study award applications from students, assess and approve SME applications, match the students with SME employers, monitor the progress of each match, disburse funds and report the milestones to Enterprise Singapore.

" The main challenge arises from Enterprise Singapore Human Capital Division’s utilizing different isolated databases such as Excel and SharePoint platforms for data consolidation and reporting. The organization find it difficult to combine the data from many sources to provide a single operational view for their management. Related to this visibility problem is the hurdle of not capturing all data. As some milestones in the process are done manually, it requires more cost and effort in tracking the programme KPIs. With volume of transactions continuously increasing, the data from different sources often overlapped and unstructured. Correcting these numerous data conflicts become a painful process for the users.

Every organization will want to have the required information at various stages of decision making to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives. In the case of Enterprise Singapore, the information collected restricts the organization from becoming more efficient, productive and effective. "

How Activants help:

The workflows were configured using the process designer whereas the forms were designed using the form designer of Activants Agile Business Platform. The introduction of Javascript in the form designer helps to improve the design with user friendly experience and system usability. Business rules were used for the business requirements that demand multiple form actions. Dynamic parameters from user inputs as well as email alerts and notifications were also designed to consume the business rules. To manage the user roles and access rights, the Agile Business Platform resource functions were utilized and additional attributes were added in the resource extension. Integration module plays the biggest role to incorporate the custom DLLs and the database connection to access the custom data repository.

Companies can submit multiple applications to different Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) and Enterprise Singapore officers must be notified of this case. Using the case management feature of Activants Agile Business Platform reduces the effort in developing the module that cater to this requirement.

We used Agile Business Platforms' Insight module to develop the officer dashboards and reports. KPI statistics related to student applications, company applications, job matching effectiveness and TACs performance based on targets are displayed in a graphical format. User can view more information using the drill-down function and manipulate the data view by the filter criteria. The reports can be exported to PDF or excel file after it is generated. The reporting module is a combination of graphs, charts and textual information where multiple views are combined into one report in Agile Business Platforms' Insight module. The report scheduler is used to send report in PDF format to the officer on a monthly basis.

Since the target audience of the student portal are young individuals that are very IT savvy, we developed the pages using .Net technology that support responsive design. The students can register an account, view status of their application and their interview schedules using their tablets or mobile devices.

Value Delivered:

The organization business process has been completely revamped from manual to more automated. Activants Agile Business Platform features has been adequate to cater the main business requirements especially the workflows. More and more data is exchanged between the portals through real-time interfaces. As soon as the data enters one database, it triggers procedures necessary to send transactions to other downstream databases. The advantage is immediate propagation of data to all relevant databases. Thus data is less likely to be out-of-sync.

Modern dashboards was created using Agilr Business Platforms' Insight module to identify the trends, measure programme effectiveness, display KPIs and easily retrieve graphical information. Automated reports generated by the solution increases the officer’s efficiency and productivity as there is no effort required to consolidate, correct and prepare them.

Benefits of the System:

This system is being used by four types of users, namely Enterprise Singapore Offices, TACs, Companies and Students (Talents).

With the implementation of the solution, the processing time required to match the students to companies will be reduced from 8 hours to 1 hour. The cost that is spent to match one student is SGD295.45, Enterprise Singapore saves SGD258.52 per student using the new system. The TACs benefits from being able to match more students in shorter time using this system and thus increases their productivity.

Students are able to view all the positions available through the portal. The portal can attract more talents to be available for the companies. From the companies point of view, the system reduces the effort and time to search for suitable candidate that match their job requirements. They may not need to spend money to publish their jobs in commercial job portals.

For Enterprise Singapore officers, the system provides the automation required in saving their time and reducing operational errors. Reports are delivered to their email account on a monthly basis. It saves their time in generating the report manually. Information provided is accurate and up-to-date, giving Enterprise Singapore Officers good visibility. The system helps them enhance their productivity as their pending tasks are consolidated and organized under one view with SLA indicators. They can sort the list by due date or company name for easy retrieval of records for cases that requires their urgent actions. Under some unforeseen circumstances whereby the officer will be unavailable to process the applications, the administrator can reassign the task to the covering officer. This feature will avoid bottlenecks in the process.

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