Enterprise Content Management

Consolidate Content, Data, and Information in a Process-Oriented Manner
Capture, Manage, Preserve, and Deliver Content
Archive and Protect Sensitive Data in a Safe and Reliable Repository
Administer and Archive Information Swiftly and Reliably


Benefits of ECM

  • Reduce cost

ECM eliminates the cost of printing, shipping, and physical storage for papers.

  • Secure Sensitive Data

Sensitive information will be safely protected in a cloud-based content management solution.

  • Reduce processing times

By helping you structure and organize your information and documents, ECM provides more time efficiency in comprehensive information retrieval.

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

Increase productivity by having proper and accurate information in the right hands at the right time and improve organisational processes by reducing human errors

  • Eliminate Dependency of Physical Documents

By eliminating dependence on paper documents and organizing unstructured information according to business’ needs, organizations are empowered to work more efficiently.

Onbase as a Single Enterprise Information Platform for Managing Content, Processes and Cases

Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information

Users gain instant access to related content stored in OnBase without leaving their business application.

Ease the transition to new software

Because uses can access OnBase content directly from their other applications, training is minimal. User acceptance also increases because staff can access needed content from the familiar applications.

Reduce manual data entry

OnBase can instantly update your business applications as soon as it receives information, and in turn, your other applications can update the information stored in OnBase.

Deliver value within your organizational business processes

  • Automates repetitive tasks and rule-based decisions
  • Routes documents and exceptions to the right people automatically
  • Manages complex approval processes
  • Identifies and verifies related documents
  • Load-balances work across teams

OnBase process automation drives the predictable, repeatable tasks at your organization so your employees can focus on completing higher-value work.