Multichannel Capture

Kofax Capture as a Single Solution for Information Capture

  • Resolve Physical Space Issues
  • Convert Documents into Digital Representations
  • Capture and Consolidate All Your Documents Together
  • Mitigate Errors Related to Conventional Manual Document Filing
  • Reduce Retrieval Cost
  • Improve Regulatory and Compliance Efforts
  • Accelerate Business Processes by Capture
  • Transform Physical Data into Accurate and Actionable Electronic Information
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Enable Customers to Define Ways to Capture and Index Images in Multiple Locations


Benefits of using Kofax Capture™

Comprehensive Validation
Validation of a document capture process can be configured at Folder, Document, and/or Field levels using business rules and customised regular expressions

Increased Extracted Data Verification
An option to manually verify extracted data will be provided, especially for sensitive and important fields which may require a second person for data verification

Improved Data Accuracy
Consists of advanced recognition technologies with industry-leading extraction rates which can capture all types of text, including machine print, hand print and cursive handwriting in more than 140 languages

Seamless Integration
Includes 140 connectors to various lines of business applications as well as packaged release scripts for seamless connections to business systems from IBM®, Oracle®, Microsoft®, Open Text®, Hyland®, Pega® and many others

Scalable for Growth
Kofax Capture is an enterprise ready, modular application that can be used right out of the box to meet the capture needs of a specific department, and expanded to meet the complex requirements of a high volume, mission critical enterprise. From hundreds to millions of documents per day, Kofax Capture can capture it all.